Client Information Security Helping Organizations Protect Private Client Data

The Anderson Report on Client Information Security

Trust me: you don't want your agency to be the victim of a hacker, or a thief that steals your private client information. The consequences of not properly protecting your client's private information are difficult at best and at worst could be catastrophic to your organization.

Here's just one example, in one state. On September 22, 2009, an insurance agency in Oregon was fined $11,000 by the State of Oregon Insurance Division for not properly disposing of private client data.

In How to Protect Your Agency from the Consequences of a Client Information Security Breach, I share the foundational information and specific steps you need to know in order to protect your agency. I show you exactly what it takes — step by step — to make sure you properly protect your client information.

Specifically, I reveal how to:

  • Understand exactly what will happen if client data is compromised in your agency. Determine what data needs protection.
  • Use the C-I-A criteria to classify information based on its confidentiality value.
  • Create a data security plan.
  • Take the 7 simple but essential steps to protect client data.
  • Create scaled-down information storage so you only keep what you really need.
  • Complete an information risk assessment to find out where your agency stands.
  • Formulate policies and procedures that can be relied upon immediately if a breach should occur.
  • Take the appropriate but often overlooked steps to physically secure your premises.
  • Properly dispose of sensitive data after your need to use it expires.
  • Conform to the reporting requirements mandated by state law if a data breach occurs.
  • Evaluate the responsibility of third-party providers who use private client information.
  • Examine insurance policies to determine what is covered and what is not covered in the event of a data security breach (in this case, not knowing could be your greatest nightmare).
Client Data Security

Client Data Security

In addition, How to Protect Your Agency from the Consequences of a Client Information Security Breach contains an executive summary of the 45 state laws along with a link to the actual state statute. A separate section contains application and sample policy information from many of the insurance companies that currently provide an insurance policy that provides coverage for a client data security breach. These two sections alone will save you hours of time spent researching these details.

Some colleagues suggested that I should charge $400-500 for How to Protect Your Agency from the Consequences of a Client Information Security Breach — not based on the page count (even though it is over 80 pages long) — but on the specialized information it contains and how much time and money it will save your agency in setting up an effective Client Data Security Program. "It's a minuscule investment," they argued, "compared to the results it produces."

However, I decided to offer this one of a kind special report for just $199. I may raise the price later, but for right now, I would rather make this timely and critical information available to as many agencies as possible at an affordable price.

My Money-Back Guarantee: If you don't find How to Protect Your Agency from the Consequences of a Data Security Breach helpful and worth every penny you paid for it, I will promptly refund your money. No questions asked.

Could you find similar information for free on the Internet? Yes, possibly. You could likely distill it from multiple sources on the topic after spending innumerable hours researching for trustworthy information. But why wade through all of that? What's your time worth? I have already done the heavy lifting for you. Your time is better spent doing those things that only you can provide for your agency.

I have done the research and come up with solutions that you can implement immediately. If my experience is worth $199 to you, then Click on the button below and let's get started!

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